You are a victim of mass-media deception.

There is one universal ruse that the media uses openly and effectively every day to deceive the majority of the watching public. Do you know what it is?
Leave a brief comment with your best guess. Here are some possible answers…
1. The Economy
2. Partisan Politics
3. Social Security/Welfare
4. Obamacare/Healthcare
5. The Middle East
6. Media Bias  (Cultural and Political)
7. International Security
8. The Actual National Debt
Deception is a nasty term. We civilized folk prefer to use the word persuasion. Public addresses are usually sales pitches of one sort or another. Even most news media have an angle or agenda. It has been said that we are all slaves of some sort, we just get to choose our master.
One way or another, you are being fed information intended to sell you on something, whether by appeals to buy a miracle product or give money to a wonderful charity. But there is one trick used by virtually all causes that is so profound and so effective that virtually everybody buys into it every day. What is it?
The answer (and the proof) will be posted Friday, February 15 at 5PM EST on my blog: Sign up now and this revealing post will be delivered right to your mailbox.
See you next time,

About Herb Paynter

Herb is a published author, photographer, retoucher, color reproduction specialist and a regular writer for Digital Photography School. Download his iBook "Digital Color Photography: A Deeper Look" from the iTunes store and view his Light and Color Fundamentals video series at
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