The Camaraderie and Benefits of a Photo Clubs and Image Servers: Part 3

While the prior installments in this series describe the function of personal servers, there will soon be an even cooler (cheaper, simpler, and more powerful) alternative server product available to photo club members. Trial configurations of Cloud9 Photo Club Servers (much larger and faster server arrays) will soon come online in a handful of photo club locations providing some very innovative services and features in addition to ample personal image storage.

These servers can be shared by all participating club members, providing generous private image bank storage, educational areas, and expanded social features reflecting the personality and activities of individual photo clubs. Cloud9 servers will be much more efficient than private servers in both speed and cost to participating members. A simple elegant GUI (graphic user interface) will provide access to a wide variety of monthly (and even weekly) club updates, keeping members informed and tuned in to all club activities and providing communication channels with fellow members.Cloud9 UI DesktopCloud9 Photo club servers will provide many services and benefits for the entire club at a fraction of the cost of personal servers (and with none of the technical responsibility). Once each club member uploads their library of images to their private image bank, they can then view and share those images with anyone else in the club (or non club members by personal invitation) with the click of a button. While I cannot list all the features of the club servers, I can tell you that these servers will provide an amazing array of social services and educational programs within a single, very secure and private online source, centered around each local photo club’s interests.

The Cloud9 Photo Club Server is a new concept in server technology specifically designed around the needs of photography clubs and their members, consolidating image storage and dozens of services and features in a single server package.

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Cloud9 Photo Club Server is an online extension of the local photo club, offering a vast variety of services and resources in addition to significant online storage space for each participating photo club member.

Photo club servers provide participating members with high-speed anytime cloud access to their personal images, as well as upload services, group calendars (announcing activities and upcoming events), chat rooms, Power Point presentations and slide shows from past meetings, educational courseware, and much more; all while protected by automatic (RAID) backup services and system immunization from malware and viruses.

Cloud9 Features and Benefits

These are the current proposed features and benefits included in the Cloud9 Photo Club Server. Each member is availed not only a generous amount of image storage space for remote access, but a boutique resource digest of social, educational, and research vehicles.

Preparing servers to accommodate individual members takes significant time and planning, but once configured, the participation cost to the members will be minimal while the benefits will be enormous. The design, configuration and administration of these club servers is made possible through the joint efforts of individual club administrators and the server developers to make certain that all participating members have proper training and anytime access to all their images, while enjoying the club services and programs.

Each participating member will have their own gallery on the server to store a slew of their favorite “keeper” images. Each RAID-based server will be backed up to 3rd party commercial cloud storage as well as a weekly backup kept in a separate physical location just in case of theft, fire or natural disaster. That little bit of extra protection is essential to not only member peace of mind, but also to the club’s fiscal liability.

Cloud-laptop array
Storing digital images on popular commercial cloud system affords remote access from anywhere on the globe but this storage comes with not only a significant price tag, but also a sacrifice of both personal security and personal information sharing.

Photo club servers differ from commercial cloud storage most notably by the amazing variety of quality features and club-focused programs provided posted and updated weekly to the server. While photo club servers will require a monthly subscription, the benefits and services will far out shadow the modest monthly fee. Cloud9 Photo club servers provide much more than simple image parking space. The image viewing service provided will include both keyword and visual search functions as well as hi-res viewing, print, publish, and download functions, all online. And unlike Facebook photo club groups, the photos you share with photo club server members will not mysteriously show up on Google or Bing images next week!

Participating clubs will appoint a member as Coordinator to upload regularly-updated club information pertaining to individual events, announcements, and club news bulletins while a variety of fresh, timely photo news content, educational, and subscription services will be posted to the servers automatically. This online clubhouse atmosphere will bring new interactive life to each club by attending the growth and social interaction of individual club members.

Club servers will provide ample storage and advanced features (courseware, training videos, pro-tips, photo blogs and guest articles, etc). 

Cloud Photo Library

Photo Club Servers offer a wide variety of remote services to club members, including current DPS posts, display and downloading of personal images, club calendars, photo challenges (uploads and slideshows), educational materials, member directories, and more.

Well, there you have it; this is your invitation to get totally immersed in the activities and benefits of your local camera club AND to join the Cloud9 Photo Club Server community. Don’t miss either opportunity.

The Cloud9 Photo Club Servers are scheduled to be available to photo clubs by the end of the second quarter, 2020. If your club is interested in pursuing this opportunity, send me a note and I’ll keep you posted. Feel free to comment on what you think of the concept.

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