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In times like this that all the opinions and convictions about politics and cultural issues should be recognized as important issues. However, in times like these we must realize that neither of these issues are solution-driven and should not occupy the driver’s seat in the current discussion. What we need is clear thinking, individual action and personal participation.

In times like these we see who we really are as human beings. The question of “will we survive this world-wrenching catastrophe or will we slowly fade away as a civilization?” is a very real one. We all have choices to make, and we must make that choice today. The old adage “you’re either part of the problem or you’re part of the solution” should hit you square in the face when you look in the mirror. I know it has hit me just this morning.


There are three classes of people on this planet and you’ll rapidly discover which class you belong to. This class structure has nothing to do with the haves and the have-nots or any political persuasion, it is a clarification of character. 

The top tier in this class structure is composed of the level headed, big picture leaders. These leaders are not particularly political, sports, or business persons, they are those who can see the big issues for what they are rather than how they are perceived through the lens of a particular ideology. These leaders are visionaries come from all walks of life, who see obstacles for what they are and determine to face those obstacles and find new paths around them.

The second tier in this class are those who catch the vision of the leaders and determine to be agents of change in the midst of the all the confusion and clutter. This class is a much smaller group of people who are dedicated to making a difference instead of making a noise. These are the true movers in society; the nonpartisan heart of the civilization who have decided to roll up their sleeves and make things right, right where they are.

Then there are those in the vast majority who are simply overwhelmed. They can see only the seemingly insurmountable obstacles and cannot see beyond those obstacles. These are not bad people, they are good people who are so overcome with the problem that they cannot see beyond it. These are the people whom the first two tiers must recognize not for their shortcomings or fears, but for their desperate need for leadership, comfort and direction.

Be an Agent of Change

It is times like these that we must decide which classification we wish to join. This is a choice we all can and must make individually. We are all a bit frightened by this epidemic, but we must make a conscious decision about what part we will play in this very real drama. While there are few who are gifted to lead in a time of crisis, we all can join the second tier and be agents of change. Change from fear to encouragement and from apathy to action.

Do something today to join that second tier. The world desperately needs difference makers. We all have friends and family who are less fortunate, more vulnerable, and just plain frightened about where all this is headed. You don’t have to have all the answers be in this group, you just have to have the desire to make a positive contribution. Take action today to do two things in your personal life. 

First, decide to contribute to the solution in ways you can. No matter how much this situation is impacting you, you probably know someone who is less fortunate. While we cannot freely travel and visit others, we can call, text, FaceTime, and email them, reassuring them that they are loved and not alone. This single act of mercy will do wonders both for you and for those you contact. 

Second, determine that you will not allow yourself to think negative or political for the next seven days. This doesn’t sound like a lofty goal, but every habit takes time to develop. Be the agent of change in your world. There is plenty of fear and negative news in the world right now and not nearly enough love and concern. This is your chance to be a leader in your world.

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  1. Gibbs Berdella says:

    So very true! No political views for 7 days – I second that!

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