The New Corona Photography Workflow

The Bad Medical Virus.

Corona VirusWhile the planet seeks a solution to the pandemic problem of the Corona virus, may I suggest we use this opportunity to participate in an innovative photographic exercise in the mean time.  This Corona workflow might be just the spherical ray of light that we photographers need in the midst of a dark and scary time. We need to reclaim the word corona.

Fortunately, photography is a very personal process. We all use digital devices to capture interesting subjects and express emotions but none of those devices are multi-person in function. So why not step up your personal photography and share your projects more openly online with a Corona photography workflow. There are obvious opportunities available to everybody that are both extremely safe while being very public. Why not join the Facebook group of your local photo club and (safely) start sharing more openly with thousands of your closest friends?

Sun Corona

Our new photography corona workflow is about LIGHT, not disease.

I’m appealing to the leadership of every photo and camera club to provide online assignments and challenges based on the subject of light. Publish each submission publicly and give recognition to all entries. The assignments and challenges can be announced on club Facebook pages and posted (in larger sizes) on club websites. This will not only promote activity within the clubs but will share those talents with the rest of the world’s photo enthusiasts. This kind of effort will show the heart of digital photo community and will widen the family circle and lift the spirits of millions.

Digital photography is a very dynamic and growing lifestyle, especially with the increased photographic capabilities of today’s camera phones. Photo clubs are comprised of all echelons of experience and all levels of equipment and now includes a growing number of phone photographers. We’ve all seen some pretty amazing examples of great pictures captured by camera phones with several clubs even featuring dedicated internal groups. The software features within these phones is both mind boggling and beyond the capabilities of many very expensive dedicated digital cameras.

Add to this the ability of camera phones to immediately (and extensively) edit and post images to all forms of social media. 

The Good Digital Viral Process.

Lifestyle photography is widely accepted and sharing of images is commonplace in our world culture. Since we all travel with these mini-marvels, virtually everybody can participate in this Corona photography workflow project and with little effort, it will go viral quickly. This kind of virus is good. This way, personal creativity can be unleashed and shared almost without limits in either subject matter or interpretation, and if well coordinated, can unite the minds and emotions of people and redirect emotions to a positive place while the medical world works diligently on an effective solution to the medical problem.

Sun Corona 2

The dictionary definition of corona is: the rarefied gaseous envelope of the sun and other stars, the glow around a conductor at high potential.

Social community should be a goal that is openly promoted and encouraged by local photo clubs sponsoring “socially distanced” group activities and photo opportunities. Photo challenges can be organized online through a number of social media. During a time of world crisis like we are currently facing, the nervous human psyche can either suffer fear-overload or be creatively redirected, and this is one avenue that we can all travel safely. 

Shared activities need not stop, they simply need to be redefined as virtual group activities. This new sharing can become interpersonal and actually create stronger bonds between individuals who otherwise might not participate in a typical meetings. Social media has proven to provide a community sharing process that is even more inclusive than literal clubhouse meetings. This digital extension of the photo community clubhouse has the very real chance to involve persons from all aspects of society and age groups.

In my next post, I’ll present a cooperative process that will develop this concept further. Stay tuned.

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2 Responses to The New Corona Photography Workflow

  1. Drew says:

    I like! I took a course online where participants were from around the world. Each assignment we were to post 4 images (I think). Everyone could see everyone else’s images and comment / encourage. The moderator of the course would weigh in, critique, make suggestions, and generally comment. I’m off to search for a photo club / site that may offer the like.

    • Herb Paynter says:

      Drew, feel free to join one of the two online groups that I belong too. One is Flagler Beach camera club and the other is Casements camera club in Ormond Beach. You’re very welcome to join us and participate in our activities.

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