Introducing Alius

What you see here is an example of a very special and unique graphic digital treatment that combines photography and sensitomic interpretation. Put simply, the colors and tonality curves of photos are identified, isolated, and interpreted very purposely and precisely.

Sunset Original

Enlarged Area of Original Image

The original process that inspired this rendering is called posterization, and can be experienced in Photoshop and other image processing applications.

Sunset Posterization

Enlarged Area of Typical Posterization

Typical Photoshop posterization results are very mathematical and crude.

Sunset Alius

Enlarged Area of Alius Rendering

The Alius rendering process, literally by contrast and islolation, provides a totally controlled and nearly unlimited rendering platform for digital images. Alius is a creative wonderland for “graphic” interpretations where smooth gradations are replaced by precise pools of very accurate color. This treatment is best suited for bold and colorful interpretations.

Here’s another example. To appreciate this image even more, tap (Command-+/Control+) in your browser several times to enlarge and control the pictures.


Original web image

At the moment, this software is not commercially available, though we are considering developing it for the general public.


Alius Rendering

I will be publishing examples of Alius interpretations on this blog frequently and we’ll gauge the potential of development on public reactions. In the mean time I will accept limited production work over the next several months as we explore the potential.

Comments and viewpoints are welcome.

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Herb is a published author, photographer, retoucher, color reproduction specialist and a regular writer for Digital Photography School. Download his iBook Digital Color Photography from the iTunes store and view his Light and Color video series at Gotta Know
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  1. Ans van Beek Torkington says:

    Hi Herb, Thank you so much for explaining your original image to us! I’m sure there is a market for this kind of program (if the price is right). Stay safe and healthy, Ans

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