How Stupid We Were Then & How Smart We Are Now

Have you noticed in the last decade just how stupid and gullible you’ve been all your life?

If you’ve tuned into the “experts” who reside in and sponsor the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, the Science Channel, and the We Know Better Channel, etc. you’ve noticed that virtually everything you learned in school about history and science was wrong, ignorant, deluded, or purposely deceptive. It seems that the new breed of experts now clearly see evidence that the less intelligent historians must have missed. Could it be that eye-witnesses, historians, and documentarians that were on the scene at actual events couldn’t have witnessed the events accurately. Where they all incompetent spin artists? Hmm-m… 

Of course the new experts are far more factual, honest, and intelligent than those who witnessed the events in real time, during the actual occurrences. And of course, these new experts have no ulterior agenda behind their efforts, or do they? Could they be discrediting eye witnesses and rewriting history so they can change the records to fit their new narrative. It seems that everything that we learned as noble, good, and fair really didn’t happen like we thought. Apparently there was an evil agenda afloat back then, deceiving the masses. We were just too ignorant to see it.

Not that I suspect that there is a sociopolitical agenda at work in our society; all of the world’s current reporting sources are totally unbiassed and are strictly fact-based. Yeah, right! Remember, every change in culture is always ushered in by a deluge of rewritten history. It has happened many times before and it is happening again. Wake up. As I remember (or at least as I learned), a guy named Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda burned all the political, philosophical, and history books in an effort to reshape German culture in the 1930s.  

The shows that irritate me the most are the ones that claim to clarify the teachings of the Bible. I guess I notice these shows because I’ve been a serious student of the Bible for over five decades. I know a bit about this book. The experts’ “clarifications” try to discredit most of Christianity’s basic beliefs, biblical records, words of Jesus, and tenets of the faith. The experts they call in are laughable; the most obscure, liberal teachers of religious studies they can find. Most of these experts on Christianity come from organizations and schools that I’ve never heard of before. I almost never hear them interview the stalwarts of fundamental Christian theology. They wouldn’t dare. To those who have not personally studied the Bible, these arguments seem quite plausible. To those of us who know different, it is shameful. Their presentation of faith is reduced to a social program supposedly reflecting the teachings of Jesus, though not the Jesus that I know very well. The distortions are palpable. They disregard the truths of the Bible, choosing to bend their meanings to meet their progressive agenda.

The arguments for most of these new revelations usually start with a phrase like “what if…” or “could it be…”. Once they present a far-reaching (and almost insulting) alternative theories, they then set about to build upon their suppositions with very twisted theory built on even more obscure claims and wild assumptions. In the end, they prop up their straw cases as if they are more reasonable explanations of what really happened. In the case of biblical issues, any passages the Bible that contain a supernatural component, they always propose a more plausible secular and scientific explanation of what probably happened. When “God” is acknowledged, He is portrayed as an ancient benign observer of science, rather than the Causer of the science. Secular science attempts to trump God every time. Science merely discovers what God created and then credits their discovery as intellectual achievement.

We are being played like a cheap fiddle, my friends. Both history and the Bible are being rewritten to whitewash the facts and present secular fantasy as fact to a whole new generation. Could there be a sinister underlying agenda behind much of this new wave of science revelation? Guaranteed. I’m personally tired of all the new experts telling me how ignorant I am for believing the facts presented in one of the most reliable historical records we have. 

Guard your hearts and protect your children with the truth.

About Herb Paynter

Herb is a published author, photographer, retoucher, color reproduction specialist and a regular writer for Digital Photography School. Download his iBook Digital Color Photography from the iTunes store and view his Light and Color video series at Gotta Know
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5 Responses to How Stupid We Were Then & How Smart We Are Now

  1. RIX Pro says:

    Thanks for posting this, Herb.

  2. Rob Frederick says:

    I also read the Bible daily and follow its precepts. Good article!

  3. Barbara says:

    Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. I don’t care what the “current” experts say. I believe what Jesus said and the revealed word of God. Experts keep CHANGING . . . so how do you ever know when they actually got it right?

  4. S Paul Sahm says:

    Herb, I applaud your courage and your indignation. As you no doubt know, The Cause has a name, a beautiful name that stands for all He has said and done. The 83rd Psalm, vs.18 gives that illustrious name: Jehovah or Yahweh. It means “He causes to become” or “He who causes to become”. It certainly appears that the things you are tired of seeing and hearing are part of a coordinated and direct attack on the person behind that Name. The spiritual blindness is the same as in Jesus day. The “wise and intellectual ones” rejected truth then and do so today. The science of probability and many other sciences have long proved that the appearance of even the simplest form of self-replicating life would require endless improbable (read: impossible) coincidences to have occurred in precise order. Clearly, we did not get here that way. I hope your words will move some to think again about the benevolence all around us in creation, and the folly of re-imagining the Word of God, as if the One who gave us reason and language could not say what he meant. Thank you for expressing so eloquently what many honest thinkers feel.

  5. Allen Bertenshaw says:

    Amen sometimes I watch those shows to see if they have a new argument. but usually all I find is a new arrogance

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