iBooks by Herb Paynter

The following books on photography, color theory, and image reproduction are available for download to any iPad from Apple’s iTunes Store. Each book is an ebook, an audiobook, and a videobook combined. If you can’t have fun learning this material, it ain’t my fault!

Digital Color Photography: A Deeper Look explains how light works, how color is produced, how digital cameras capture light and color, how color must mutate from camera to monitor display to printer and/or presentation. The Digital Color Photography Illustrated  Interactive Audio Video Text Book  edition combines the Interactive audio edition with video productions of all nine chapters (approximately 1.5 total hours of animated video). Both editions include chapter reviews and quizzes, an embedded glossary, interactive graphics, and direct links to additional resources. This book presents photo-related color science for all us mere-mortals.

GKS-Front Cover The essential “gotta know” fundamentals of digital color video series.

2 Responses to iBooks by Herb Paynter

  1. Thanks for sharing everithing you know
    But the best part it is not the knowledge
    But the passion for what you do, in that I can clearly relate to you!!

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